I create personalised commemorative and celebratory papercuts to order..

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23 Responses to “PAPERCUTS”
  1. Sue robinson says:

    How can Icontact you about a papercut.
    Sue robinson

  2. roohi oomerbhoy jaikishan says:

    Hello Poppy,
    Got this information through a LIttle Bird , I would like to order a Paercut ….how do I go about it ? My email

  3. Terrie K says:

    Love these! How do I contact you to create one for me?

  4. Phoebe Man says:

    I would like to commission a piece for my friends’ 10 year wedding anniversary. Kindly give a quote and possible design and lead time.

  5. laura says:

    Hey poppy

    So exciting to see you pop up on Daily Candy!! Gorgeous work you are doing…we shall have to think of a way to collaborate!

    Much love

    laura xx

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Poppy, I saw you on Daily Candy too! Your paper cuts are beautiful. I’m about to email you about doing one for my friend’s wedding invite :-)

    Anna x

  7. pchancellor says:

    Laura! I’d love that!! I’m glad you like it.

    So much love to you XXX

  8. Liam Morton says:

    The fox has to be the best one so far poppy!

  9. Emma Bedding says:

    I to learn how to do this….any ideas?

  10. Barbara Aimable says:

    Dear Poppy, this is just a short message to simply say well done! I am extremely proud of you. If you don’t remember who I am, I won’t be offended. I was the Deputy Head of Brackenbury Primary. I think you were in year 5 at the time. You used to attend my art club held after school. I am not surprised that you chose art as career. I like your commitment to given a positive message through you art. Well done and all the best. Give my regards to your mother. B

  11. pchancellor says:

    Hi Barbara! So wonderful to hear from you! How could I not remember you! Brackenbury was a wonderful place to be creative, wether it was singing, acting or art class. I remember my classmates and teachers so fondly. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I hope you’re well. Have you got an email I can contact you on? Speak soon! x Poppy

  12. Hannah Cox says:

    Your work is really beautiful! I’m really sad I’m not free to come to your workshop at The Hospital Club this week!… maybe next time (please do another!), Hannah x

  13. pchancellor says:

    Wer’e doing another workshop there on May 20th X

  14. Hannah Cox says:

    I’ve just booked in for your workshop at The Handmade Fair!! Can’t wait!

  15. pchancellor says:

    See you there Hannah!!

  16. Helen Joseph says:

    Hello Miss Poppy….I have just discovered your fabulous work…I was a curator of Contemporary Craft….working in the NE of England for over twenty years…..I bought for a public collection and curated many many professional craft shows. ( not brown pots, of handmade aprons ). I would like to have your price list …or idea as to your price range…with a view to a commission.


    Helen Joseph

  17. pchancellor says:

    Hi Helen,

    You can see my price list on, which is my new website. My contact details are on there also. Many thanks

  18. These are beautiful!

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